How To Open A Capitec Bank Account Online[2021 Latest Method]

How To Open A Capitec Bank Account Online[2021 Latest Method].

Many aren’t aware that it is possible to open a capitec bank online. This article will teach you how to make a capitec account online, and all your capitec banking issues will also be fixed online.

What is Capitec Online Banking

Capital Online Bank is a retail bank based in South Africa, it was founded in 1st March 2001 by three people namely Jannie Mouton, Riaan Stassen and Micheal Le Roux, it is one of the leading retail bank in South Africa and was recognized as the second largest retail bank in South Africa on August 2017(WIKIPEDIA). They offer secured and easy-to-use Internet and allows users to send and receive money from people-to-people, you can also buy airtime, data and SMS bundles using your Capitec Online Bank Account.

Capitec Bank Account Types

Capitec Online Bank has four types of account, which users can use to make transaction.

1. Capitec Saving Account

Capitec Online Bank offers users up to 2% interest per year when they save their money with their Capitec Saving Account, with this Capitec Saving Account you will get lower fees and transaction cost.
You can access your savings plans by dialling *120*3279# or by using their official app. They are 2 types of Capitec Saving Account which you can choose from namely flexible saving account and fixed deposit account.

2. Capitec Business Account

Capitec Online Bank now overs users especially business owners a way to get access to user friendly business account, the business account comes with additional features such as commercial banking product and easier way to get transaction done with other services.

3. Capitec Transaction Account

Transaction Account is another type of account type available in Capitec Online Bank, it is mainly meant for transactions, transaction may include purchasing airtime, buying products online and paying of bills, with this kind of account making transaction for basic need becomes very easy. But unlike the Capitec savings account with a Capitec Transaction Account you will not earn any interest by using this account.
Requirements To Open Capitec Bank Account Online
Before you can fully access Capitec Online Bank you need to be at least 18 years old. If you are not up to that you will need assistance from your parents or guardians
• You must have a personal cellphone which you can use to access your account.
• You should have a full up-to-date email address because you have to use your email address to sign up before you can start using their Online Banking service.
• A South Africa Verification identity Card or a passport, this will be required when you need to verify your Capitec Online Bank Account.
Having all the above stated requirements, you will get your online capitec bank account in no time!

What Is Capitec Online Banking Registration Process

Opening Capitec Online Bank Account is very easy and the registration process does not requires lot of steps, All you have to do is visit their official website and click on open account and then follow and fill out the things they want you too, you should also have an Identity card showing that your from South Africa and a national passport.
In Capitec Online Bank they do not charge for registration fees.

How Much Money Do I Need To Open A Capitec Bank Account

The amount of money for required to open a Capitec account depends on the account type you are trying to register for, for a transaction and savings account you’ll require a minimum of R25 and you’ll also pay admin fees of R4 every month.

What Is Capitec Banking App

This is Capitec Online Banking official app, it was created for users in other for them to easily track all transactions made with their account and also enables them easily get access to their money, their Banking App has a little add features which includes
• Tracking of your Money: It helps you easily know how you are spending your money on things like food, shopping, airtime etc.
• Notification: With Capitec Banking App you can easily get notifications about your money and any transaction you perform.
• Biometrics (FINGERPRINT): This is mostly for phones that allows it, you can add a fingerprint to your Banking App so unauthorized users will not get easy access to your account.
Now that you are more enlightened on what capitec banking app is for, check out how you can activate a capitec cellphone bank.

How To Activate Capitec Cellphone Banking

You can easily activate Capitec Banking on any cellphone by simply dialling the USSD code *120*3279# by doing this you’ve successfully activated Capitec Banking on your cellphone.
The above step on activating “capitec cell phone banking” is easy and quick to perform!
Thanks for reading.

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